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Come and enjoy one of the most relaxing dining experiences you'll ever have. The Homestead Inn is entering it's third decade of fine service, quality and high standards in the restaurant business. Along the way, they have been recipients of several culinary awards. Some of them include The Silver Spoon Award for the past nine years, the Three Star AAA Motor Club as one of the finest restaurants in the Poconos, the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the four top restaurants in the Poconos, and they were honored to appear on the nationally televised "Home Show".  The secret to the success of any longstanding enterprise is to set a standard and stick to it. This is what the best restaurants do, and is the reason they continue to do well when others innovate, compromise, and ultimately fail in the quest for public acceptance. The Homestead Inn in Barrett Township is popular with local residents and a find for visitors because it unerringly adheres to high standards. Proprietors, Susan and Drew Price, invite you to explore and enjoy the dishes waiting within. It is their sincere hope that through their service, sele